Saturday, January 14, 2012

Monk Gear

Today I want to talk a bit more about this project. The main reason why I started it is because the Monk class appeals to me a lot, and I want to play one. What sucks about rerolling is that you don't get to keep all the things you previously did on another character.
That's why I am going to collect as much as possible for my next "main" before I even start him. This way I save a lot of time trying to gather those items after I rolled a Monk. I'm doing things in advance to get a bit of a head start, so to speak.
I'm gonna talk a bit about what kind of things I plan to collect for my Monk in advance.


The main reason I want to collect leveling gear in advance is mostly why not, if I'm gonna spend so much time in making the most out of my character before I start one, why not just collect some BoE gear in advance to make the leveling process smoother.
I leveled through 1-85 so many times now that I want to make this process as fast as possible. :)
There isn't that much known about monks, gear wise, so I'm gonna list the things I do know:

-Monks will be able to use Cloth and Leather items.
 I presume that they can wear cloth if they wish to do so, but they lose the additional armor that leather provides, similar to how druids gear.
-Monks use Fist Weapons, one-handed Axes Maces Swords or Polearms and Staves. I assume they can dual wield.
 In videos I saw most monks use no weapons, so either weapons are just a stat stick or weapons are used for special moves only, since they have no autoattacks.

At this stage I am going to assume that the Monk's DPS Spec, Windwalker, is going to gear exactly like a rogue or feral druid would.

I have yet to make a list of the best items for each level, as this is going to be time consuming.


I've been thinking about what kind of look i'd want for my Monk as well. I am pretty sure the new Pandaren starting zone has some beautiful looking Monk gear, that I can use for this, but I plan to gather a backup set just in case the gear isn't transmogrifiable, or just plain boring. :)
This is the first version of my future monk:

The Tauren model is obviously a placeholder, since the Pandaren Model hasn't been released yet.

Head: Stylin' Purple Hat.
Shoulders: Headhunter's Spaulders.
Chest: Big Voodoo Robe.
Gloves: Headhunter's Mitts.
Wrist: Headhunter's Bands.
Waist: Headhunter's Belt.
Legs: Headhunter's Woolies.
Feet: Headhunter's Slippers.
Cloak: Not shown.

Weapons: Since Monks can use a variety of weapons, I'll have to find a couple of nice ones, preferably ones that go with my gear or look cool otherwise.

For now I have the following candidates for each slot:


2. Assassination Blade.
3. Gurubashi Punisher.
4. Headsplitter.
5. Fel-Wrought Halberd.
6. Magician Staff.

It is very well possible that the Ruthless Gladiator weapons will be removed from the game when MoP comes out, I'll have to find another pair of claws then.

That's it for transmogrification, for now.
Next time: Mounts and pets. Stay tuned!


  1. Your project is so great! I want to see your Pandaren, how you level him and perfecting him :O can't wait for it!

  2. It's great, just one thing about the staff, don't use an ornamented staff, doesn't fit monks, use a quarterstaff, without an ornament, just a wooden or metal stick...(I LARP a monk, and use a wooden stick as weapon, so i could know)